Personalized Hair Brush Set (3 pcs)

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Personalized Hair Brush Set
🤎 100% Goat Hair Soft Brush: (Brushscrup)
Made from high quality solid beech wood and 100% natural ultra-soft goat hair, this baby brush is anti-static and hypoallergenic so that it will not cause any irritation and will help calm and soothe your baby’s scalp.
🤎 Maple Comb:
Normal baby combs cause discomfort to babies when used to untangle knots. This natural baby comb is easy on your baby’s skin and helps to untangle your toddler’s hair whilst stimulating the scalp for healthier hair.
🤎 Beech Massage Comb: 
This baby brush is the perfect way to prevent cradle cap, improve blood circulation and keep your toddlers scalp soft, while grooming its hair at the same time!
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